Critters are doing fine this winter

Even though it has been a cold and snowy winter so far, everyone seems fine.  The horse, Robin, has a thick winter coat.  He is turned out into pasture during the day with Dollie Llama and Hershey the Donkey.  They eat hay in an outside stall, so they all have shelter.  Once they finish eating hay, they usually go out into the pasture and

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Testimonial from young reader of Adventures of the Frolic Riders

From Lauren, 12 years old, Sterling Heights, MI: “Adventures of the Frolic Riders” is one of my VERY favorite books.  I love to read and this book is awesome!  It is one of my top three books along with “The Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter”.  The story has some of my favorite things: kids, horses and a mystery.  I can’t wait for the next

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Turkeys Ready for Thanksgiving

On Monday, my turkeys were processed for Thanksgiving.  The largest tom was over 42 lbs, and his brother was 40+.  One turkey ended up missing a drumstick, so I don’t know what happened there.  She walked in on 2 legs to the processor.  To help make it up to the buyer of the bird, I gave them a giant-sized squash and a big discount

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Coyote Problems at Frolic Farm

A pack of coyotes stopped by last week and attacked my beautiful turkeys.  They killed 2 hens, and traumatized the others.  I have locked the turkeys in a pen with a high chain link fence so they will stay safe. Then, my hens decided to tunnel under their fence to peck in the paddock.  Unfortunately, the coyotes discovered that spot and pushed under the

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Sheep Shearing Time

A couple weeks ago, I had all 4 sheep sheared. I had their hooves trimmed, gave them CD&T vaccines, and wormed them too. They really got the works! Lucky and Lassie (twin Jacob ewes) were very cute after I turned them loose again in their paddock. They looked intently in each other’s face, as if they could hardly recognize each other after the haircut!