Early Spring at Frolic Farm

The critters are getting spring fever for sure, and so am I. The weather has been so beautiful for this time of year. Soon I’ll have the sheep and Dollie Llama sheared. Today was vet day for the dogs, for their annual checkups and vaccinations. I’ll be worming Liam and Lambchop this weekend, and trimming feet where necessary.

Winter has Arrived

The wet weather gave way to cold and a little snow this week. The deep mud has a solid crust on top, which makes things a little easier. It is not pleasant doing chores in the mud. Dollie Llama hates getting muddy. Robin the horse doesn’t seem to mind too much, and appears to have rolled in the mud. Little Hershey (the donkey) has

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The Critters are Enjoying Fall Weather

The critters are much happier with cooler weather and no bugs to contend with. They are still on pasture. When the deer hunting season starts, I keep all the critters close to the barn and give them hay to keep them happy. I can’t risk them being out on pasture when people are shooting at deer. Robin the horse is happy that he got

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