Farm Chores

Fun Times at Frolic Farm

Everyone who lives with a septic system can relate to this.  If you have city water and sewer, use your imagination! Today I had the fun of a septic tank pump out.  This must be done every year or so, depending on the size of the family.  This is why I have my own porta john for the groups of kids that tour Frolic Farm.  It comes in handy,

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Winter has Arrived

The wet weather gave way to cold and a little snow this week. The deep mud has a solid crust on top, which makes things a little easier. It is not pleasant doing chores in the mud. Dollie Llama hates getting muddy. Robin the horse doesn’t seem to mind too much, and appears to have rolled in the mud. Little Hershey (the donkey) has

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Lawnmower Conspiracy

I believe some of my farm equipment has a mind of its own, which is very spooky. This latest incident with my smaller lawnmower really takes the cake though. Last week, I had trouble with my smaller mower, which is the type that you have to pull very hard to get it to start. This mower is temperamental, in that it seems to decide

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