Llama Care

Dollie Llama Has Been Ill

Recently, Dollie did not seem to be herself, not eating well and very irritable. I had the vet out for her, and it turns out she had coccidiosis. She got a couple shots and Corid to be added to her water for 2 weeks. She is now fully recovered, luckily. Dollie Llama is back to her old happy self.

Dollie Llama Enjoys Spring Weather

Dollie Llama, Robin (the horse), and little Hershey(mini donkey) are enjoying the nice weather. I’ve been leaving them outside all night, just bringing them in for grain, then turning them back out again. They all got a clean bill of health with the vet. Everyone behaved well for the vet. Dollie is usually the troublemaker, but we blindfolded her, and she was fine. Dollie

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