Sheep Stories

Lambchop has been ill

Lambchop is my large, elderly sheep. I am very fond of him, as are most visitors to Frolic Farm, because he is such a sweet animal. I had the vet out for the normal spring exams and vaccinations, and I had her take a look at Lambchop. He seemed to have lost weight, but was still eating. While the vet was examining him, he

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It’s Sheep Shearing Day at Frolic Farm

Today, Lambchop, Liam, Lucky, and Lassie will lose their heavy coats. Spa day for the sheep! Not only will they be sheared, they will also have a pedicure (hooves trimmed), vaccination, and worming. I’ll give them each a treat of carrots afterward. They don’t seem to mind it much, and do seem relieved to be rid of the heavy fleece. Normally, shearing would occur

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Sheep Shearing Time

A couple weeks ago, I had all 4 sheep sheared. I had their hooves trimmed, gave them CD&T vaccines, and wormed them too. They really got the works! Lucky and Lassie (twin Jacob ewes) were very cute after I turned them loose again in their paddock. They looked intently in each other’s face, as if they could hardly recognize each other after the haircut!

Early Spring at Frolic Farm

The critters are getting spring fever for sure, and so am I. The weather has been so beautiful for this time of year. Soon I’ll have the sheep and Dollie Llama sheared. Today was vet day for the dogs, for their annual checkups and vaccinations. I’ll be worming Liam and Lambchop this weekend, and trimming feet where necessary.