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Dollie Llama is truly the “queen bee” at Frolic Farm. She is adorable, and knows it too. She is black, with large banana-shaped ears. (The ears really do tell her mood.) She is quite tall, with a slender build and medium-length fleece. She has huge dark eyes that are very expressive. Dollie is full of charm and personality, and likes to play games with me and her critter friends.

I bought Dollie at a neighboring farm while she was a tiny cria still with her mother. I brought her home when she was about 6 months old, about 5 years ago. She was wild as a fawn when she came to Frolic Farm. I turned her out into a grassy paddock every day with my gentle sheep, Lambchop, to act as a babysitter/friend. Dollie is very athletic for a llama; one time I was holding her with halter and leadline on the outside of the paddock, getting ready to turn her loose. Dollie apparently thought I was too slow, so she took one mighty leap (from a standstill) right over the fence with me still holding the leadline! Lambchop was pretty surprised to see her land like that in his paddock. She looked like she had wings or something to make that 5 foot high jump.

Dollie does like her food. She eats llama chow from the feed store, along with hay (when the pasture is done), and treats, naturally. She prefers baby carrots, or bread, or small pieces of apple for her snacks. Dollie is very particular, and will reject any bread she considers stale.

I will write more about Dollie and her adventures on Frolic Farm on the posts, so check back soon.