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Fun Times at Frolic Farm

Everyone who lives with a septic system can relate to this.  If you have city water and sewer, use your imagination!

Today I had the fun of a septic tank pump out.  This must be done every year or so, depending on the size of the family.  This is why I have my own porta john for the groups of kids that tour Frolic Farm.  It comes in handy, as you can guess.  Anyway, before the septic service arrived, I needed to dig up the small  door on the lid of the tank, which is completely covered with grass.  Unfortunately, I can never remember exactly where to dig, and naturally, I lost the sketch I had made the last time.  I started digging at the logical place, nearest the house where the septic line feeds in, and was wrong again.  I kept digging all the way to the middle of the tank lid, and there it was.  Success!

The septic guy arrived with his truck and pumped it out.  That is a job I would not want.  The aroma rivaled Dollie Llama’s stall.  That poor man must be nose blind.

After all that digging, I am pooped out, so to speak.

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