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Lambchop has been ill

Lambchop is my large, elderly sheep. I am very fond of him, as are most visitors to Frolic Farm, because he is such a sweet animal. I had the vet out for the normal spring exams and vaccinations, and I had her take a look at Lambchop. He seemed to have lost weight, but was still eating. While the vet was examining him, he suddenly coughed. The vet felt that he had lung worms, and put him on an aggressive treatment to cure him. I used a heavy dose of Fenbendazole on him for 5 days, while doubling his feed. (Lambchop liked that part of the treatment). Fortunately, it seems to have worked, and Lambchop is back to his old self, just a little thinner. So I am keeping him on extra feed and watching him carefully. I am so glad he’s recovered.

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