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Lawnmower Conspiracy

I believe some of my farm equipment has a mind of its own, which is very spooky. This latest incident with my smaller lawnmower really takes the cake though. Last week, I had trouble with my smaller mower, which is the type that you have to pull very hard to get it to start. This mower is temperamental, in that it seems to decide whether it wants to start that day (or take a rest!) I finally got it started, and pushed it toward my ditch. (I use a big riding mower for most of the lawn.) As soon as I got to the ditch, it started spewing black smoke and quit on me. It refused to restart. A few days later, I borrowed my dad’s old mower. It started right up, and as soon as I finished mowing the ditches, it conked out too. So I decided to try my old mower one last time. After threatening to put it out with the trash if it didn’t start up, my old mower started on the first pull, and did some really heavy duty mowing around my pond. I guess my old mower decided not to retire after all.

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