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Pheasants Fly the Coop Literally

On Monday evening when I went to feed everyone, I noticed that two of my gorgeous red-golden pheasants were gone. I searched high and low in their pen, but they were definitely gone. I found a small opening under the fence bordering the pond, which must have heaved during the winter, and that must be how they got out. I looked around the yard, but did not see or hear them. On Tuesday morning, when I was headed to the barn to feed breakfast, I heard a pheasant cackle from the trees lining the edge of my property. I quickly grabbed my trusty fishing net with a long handle, and tried to catch the pheasant. There was too much brush, and he got away. A few minutes later, my dog Kandi, alerted me that he was in the back yard, near the fence. I stealthily walked over with my net, and when he tried to fly away again, I swooped in with the net and caught him! I put him back in the pen with his brother, and I have naturally fixed the fencing so he won’t escape again.

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