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Snowy Conditions at Frolic Farm Today

The weatherman said we’d get a bad snowstorm, but so far just a light dusting.  All the critters are in the barn, except for the geese and ducks who seem to thrive on the bad weather.  They do have a hut for shelter, but prefer to stay outside.  They have sure enjoyed this easy winter here in Michigan.  After the last two winters that were the worst in 100 years, this one is a welcome change.  The pond is frozen solid now, but had clear patches during the last few days of 40 degree weather.  I give the geese and ducks fresh water in a dish twice per day when the pond is frozen.  They eat scratch (mixture of cracked corn, oats, barley, etc) and peck in the grass in the yard when I let them out.

The hens are on strike, laying few eggs.  They are resting up for spring no doubt.  I do have a light for them on a timer, so they are getting 14 hours of light each day.  That is supposed to help.

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