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We Farmers Like to Read the Newspaper Too

Allow me to let off a little steam today. I have read the Detroit Free Press for at least 30 years, with the last 20 years’ worth delivered to Frolic Farm. Now the Free Press will only deliver 3 days per week, so I called to see if it could be mailed to me. The kindly customer service person told me it was no problem and would start mailing the daily paper on March 30th. Three days passed with no newspaper in my mailbox. I called back and spoke to another nice customer service person, who told me it was supposed to be mailed to me. He gave me a name of the person in my area who was supposed to be handling mail delivery. So I called this very nice lady, who told me that my area was not eligible for mail delivery, so I would have to read the online edition! I don’t like the online edition. I want to hold the paper in my hand and read it while drinking my coffee in the morning, so I called USA Today. They said they will deliver it in the afternoon, so I figure I can just read it the next morning. So far, I have received the Wall Street Journal for the last two mornings! I never requested it; I already read it at work during my lunchtime and really have no need of it at home. I will wait and see if the USA Today ever starts. It is getting discouraging.

Weather-wise, we had a snowstorm today!

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