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I recently wrote a youth novel about kids on horseback who solve a mystery. Geared to ages 8-14, this book appeals to horse lovers of all ages. Here is a description of the book.

In Frolicville, Michigan, most families live on farms or in homes with lots of land. And just about every kid has a horse, or at least knows how to ride. Many of these kids, like Jordan and Jeremy Chambers and Chip and Molly Easton, are members of the Frolic Riders Club where they do all sorts of fun things with their horses.

But, Jordan and Jeremy and Chip and Molly also love a good adventure, and if they don’t find one, one seems to find them.

Ride along with these four junior detectives and follow the trail of clues that lead them to discover and solve the Skeleton Creek Caper, the first of many adventures and mysteries that can only occur in horse country.